Best Kept Practices for Homebuyers

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Successful homebuyers tend to approach the real estate market in a specific way. If you want to have a great homebuying experience, consider these tips from seasoned homebuyers:

1.  Know what you want -- Have a good idea of what you want in your home and what you're willing to compromise on. Some flexibility is a good idea, but you should have a pretty strong idea of the absolute necessities you need.

2.  Maintain a solid credit score -- A good credit score has a major positive impact on your mortgage rate. If you can improve your credit score, attempt to do so by paying bills on time and avoiding large amounts of debt prior to applying for a mortgage.

3.  Have realistic expectations -- Be realistic about your homebuying experience. Know what's reasonable for your budget and be prepared to make some compromises to find a home that meets your needs.

4.  Take on a little risk -- Some risk is necessary when purchasing a house. It's impossible to plan for every "what if" scenario, so research what you can, purchase a home within your budget, and enjoy your new house.

5.  Select a mortgage early -- Find your mortgage before you look for homes. Pre-approval helps you determine a safe price range and keeps you from taking on more than you can manage. You'll also have time to negotiate better rates than you would if you're rushing to get a mortgage after you've found your dream home.

If you or anyone you know has questions about home loan rates or products, please reach to your lender or ask me for a referral. I'm always happy to help and I work with so many helpful and respected lenders.